All the vegetarian dishes are served with best Pakistani Punjab rice and a seasonal green salad.

Lahori Paneer

Home-made cottage cheese in onion tomato gravy,enriched with cream and a dash of butter, flavoured with fenugreek.

Palak Paneer

A delicious blend of spinach and home-made cottage cheese.

Mix Vegitable Curry

A very delicious mixture of various vegetables in a coconut flavoured curry.

Peshawari Kofte

Fresh cheese and mashed potato dumplings, served in a brown onion and cashew nut gravy, flavoured with mace and cardamom powder.

Dal Tarka

Black lentils and kidney beans spiced with ginger, garlic and tomato puree, cooked slowly.

Paneer Narowali

Fine Home made cheese with different vegetables, fresh ginger,garlic and capsicum, simmered in a unique gravy

Aloo Ghobi Masala

Traditional Punjabi dish with potatoes and cauliflower, cooked together with onions and tomatoes, refined with cumin and ginger.

Channa Masala

Chickpeas in self imported exotic curry sauce.