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All the lamb dishes are served with best Pakistani Punjab rice and a seasonal green salad.

Gosht Curry

Lamb in curry sauce in North Pakistani-style.

Gosht Korma

Tender lamb pieces in a mild cream sauce with almonds and cashew nuts.

Gosht Subzi

Tender lamb pieces cooked in a curry sauce with fresh seasonal vegetables.

Gosht Palak

Succulent pieces of lamb cooked with spinach and flavoured with spices, ginger and garlic.

Gosht Nawabi

South Pakistani lamb speciality with backed potatoes, cooked in a tangy piquant sauce.

Mutton Sukha Sukha

Tender lamb pieces in an exotic South Pakistani-style.

Gosht Dal

Tender lamb pieces served with different lentils, garlic and fresh ginger.

Ghosht Karahi

Tenderly fried lamb flavoured with ginger, red chilli paste and garlic, garnished with mint leaves and served in a thick onion gravy.